‘’Think or sink’’: Visualizing groundwater reserves and subsidence in the Mekong Delta to support awareness and policy-making

Project’s title

‘’Think or sink’’: Visualizing groundwater reserves and subsidence in the Mekong Delta to support awareness and policy-making

Project’s partner/ collaboration

Research Institute for Climate Change (DRAGON-Mekong Institute), Can Tho University



Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

Total budged


Project’s period/duration


10,000 EUR


01 Feb, 2021 – 01 Feb 2023

Principal Investigator (PI)


Project’s member


Associate Professor Van Pham Dang Tri

Dr. Truong Chi Quang

Dr. Dinh Diep Anh Tuan

MSc. Nguyen Thanh Loc

MSc. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

MSc. Luu Trung Duong





The objective of the proposed activity is to supply all stakeholders, ranging from governmental organizations to the general public, with science-based information pertaining to groundwater reserves and subsidence in the Mekong Delta.



The activities that are proposed include:

a.            Collection of all relevant data and information pertaining to subsidence and groundwater

b.            Setting up a panel to test and comment on the proposed design and content of the portal

c.            Determining the content and the functionality of the portal

d.            Constructing prototype of functional design

e.            Testing the prototype with a diverse range of users (experts, policy-makers, general public)

f.             Publishing the web-portal on the Internet and generating publicity


Expected outcome


Through an online portal, information produced by the Rise & Fall project can be accessed and visualised. This will lead to a common information base for better understanding the (interrelation between) groundwater and subsidence processes in the Mekong Delta. The creation of an on-line web portal is an important step to make sure that available information is put to use and to create awareness in the Mekong Delta about the threats the delta faces. Through the proposed web-portal, users can access information about groundwater (where, and at what depth is fresh groundwater to be found) and subsidence (current and projected). This portal will not only promote the dissemination of information, it will also give different end-users direct access to the information to propose and develop measures that will lead to a sustainable use of groundwater reserves in the Mekong Delta. The availability and accessibility of relevant data is paramount to the process of decision making with respect to the sustainable use of groundwater. Combined with information of the effects of groundwater abstraction on subsidence, it will provide policy-makers and the general public with much needed information to make informed decisions.


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Campus II, 3/2 street, Xuan Khanh ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city

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