1. Regularly organize SDMD forum (once per 2 years): The forum convokes many participants, including central and local governments, scientists, companies, domestic and international investors; connect, share information and propose policies and solutions to support sustainable development in the Mekong Delta region; The forum also create opportunities for communication, connection, and cooperation of programs and projects between partners, domestically and internationally.
  2. Developing and implementing programs and projects for application and development for the Mekong Delta region: Through cooperation activities amongst stakeholders in the network, as a result, will promote forming and implementation of programs, projects for the development of the region. Can Tho University is an important “bridge” for Programs, projects. Projects can be signed at the Forum, or during the implementation of SDMD.
  3. Develop information and data exploitation center for the development of Mekong Delta region: Through the Technical Cooperation project of JICA (Japan) (the acronym TC2) at Can Tho University, Information and data exploitation center for the development of Mekong delta will be developed and operated; and continue to advance within the framework of SDMD. The function of the Center is to collect, store, analyze and share data, information, and documents; consult users through various means, especially cyberspace, 4.0 Technology; and connect partners, domestically and internationally. The Center will continuously and dynamically operate in an effective way within the framework of the SDMD 2045 forum.


SDMD 2045 Office @Can Tho University
Campus II, 3/2 street, Xuan Khanh, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho city
Phone: +842923832664