Human resources development for sustainable agricultural transformation from gender perspective in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Project Title

Human resources development for sustainable agricultural transformation from gender perspective in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Project Partners

University of New England (UNE)

Funding Sponsor


Budget (USD)

19.706 AUD

Project Coordinator

University of New England (UNE)

Local Coordinator

Dr. Nguyen Anh Minh

Project Period

August 2022 - July 2023

Overall Objective

The general objectives of the project aim to investigate the perceptions and changing roles of females in rural households in the context of agricultural transformation in the VMD and to develop recommendations to governments to create a program to women’s capacity to adapt to climate and socio-economic change.

Specific Objectives

-          Determine the perceptions of rural females about the impacts of climate and socio-economic change;

-          Document women’s role and perception about their participation in sustainable agricultural transformation;

-          Identify the current adaptive capacity of rural women in the VMD.

-          Develop recommendations for local action and broader policy settings for capacity building program to bridge the gap which improve farm livelihoods in the VMD.



-          Reviewing literature with the aim to determine suitable indicators and prepare for secondary data collection.

-          Collecting secondary data and select research sites in the commune level where women farmers were impacted by agricultural transformation.

-          Based on literature, secondary data from local officials and authorities, and the selected research sites, we will prepare guidelines (questions) for conducting in-depth interviews with key farmers, rice traders, and rice companies; and prepare questionnaires for household surveys.

-          Conducting in-depth interviews with 36 interviews in three levels (provincial, district and commune) including some women farmers and staff officers. These data will provide cases of interviewees in relation to impacts of agricultural transformation on the household, education, children and services, and the coping strategies for preventing or mitigating impacts from climate change.

-          Analyzing and summaries data.


1.       Report to FOCUS project team, report to ASRF/ACIAR, describing and discussing the key findings and highlighting the implications for adaptive capacity building among rural women in the VMD.

2.       Profile of notable women leaders in farming and agribusiness prepares as videos.

3.       Develop recommendations provincial and local governments to create a program for building capacity of female farmers.

4.       Write a draft to publish in journal.

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